Sunday, January 19, 2014


What are you waiting for?
Seeking, grasping for a magic cure,
To be whole.
How long will you put off feeling good?
A perfect circumstance, the right person.

A slave to doubt, to jealousy, to others.
Expecting, wanting, never getting.
A victim to your minds’ shadow.
When will you rise up from your own brutality?

The time will never be perfect.
But today is a fine place to start.
The sunrise does not hesitate to fill darkness.
The soul's fire wants this too.

Invite it to breathe through every pore.
Metamorphose barnacles of fear
To light you up, to carry you
Forth as wholeness, always.

The world will not change for you,

and the world can wait no longer for you.
We need who you are now!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Opportunity: A Favorable Juncture of Circumstance.

To fearlessly behold all opportunity to live the most radiant, integrate and truthful life possible.

This I want for the rest of my life, not just 2014.

How often do we wake up thinking of the all the opportunities that we will encounter today; opportunities for growth, for alignment of truth, for increasing our vitality? The opportunities abound! Every moment, every choice, every conflict, every thought, every spoken word, every move, every single breath is an opportunity to live within truth, integrity, and to live our fullest life possible. 

This dedication surfaced during some reflection on the past year and many years prior; and looking at some pivotal points in my life. It became clear to me that during serious transformational experiences or choice points, conscious or not, I would become paralyzed with fear. So much that it removed me from the experience, unable to be present in the situation and therefore unable to take in the experience, and connect with the people present. Resulting in more disconnection and isolation, leaving me only able to reflect on it, trying to re-live it through my mind.

When I traveled to India about five years ago there were many missed opportunities. I was so laced with fear in many ways, that I found myself lost and confused. After about three intense weeks at an ashram I finally gained enough courage to leave earlier than planned and headed down the mountain to the city of Madurai. I stayed there for two days to adjust to flow of India before I setting off on a more adventurous journey through South India. I spent the majority of my time in Madurai at the Meenakshi Amman temple. I was so drawn to this temple. All I wanted to do was go there, and be in the womb of its beauty, protection and serenity. I knew in my heart this temple is very significant for devout Hindus and Shiva worshippers. But I didn't understand anything. The paintings, the detailed carvings on pillars and walls, the chanting, the long lines of Hindus. So I would just go in and sit and gaze (at one point I decided to see what the long line was about. So I waited, and waited for about two hours. Only to be turned away from entering the heart of the temple, the shrine, because I wasn't Hindu). Now, years later, I'm browsing through my teachers newly published book, Tending the Heart Fire.  Beautiful photos of the Shiva temple (not the same temple I was at) in Tamil Nadu stirs something inside me. I immediately reflect on my experience at the Meenakshi Temple. How much time I spent there, how I longed to be there, how I longed for connection to it. And how little I know or understand it. 

The point is not to know all the facts about this temple. But that my heart wanted to be there. And that yes, it was good enough that I would sit, enjoy it and it remained a mystery. The point is, fear prevented me from simply hiring a guide, asking questions and thus held me back from being able to experience its depth, and its spiritual significance and making a connection to my hearts pull.

There is legitimate fear, and illegitimate fear. I recognize both in situations that are changeable and transformative (life basically) in relation to being vulnerable. The question is, am I safe? If the answer is yes, than its time to face the fear and open to vulnerability and a little discomfort. For than the opportunity for transformation can be welcomed and assimilated. Vulnerability, I believe, comes from the heart and not the mind. And anytime we can live in the heart, connections to others, places, circumstances are made.

If opportunity, is a favorable juncture of circumstance (according to Merriam-Webster dictionary), than it must be a perfect aligning of time, space, the heart and soul that is potent and ripe for insight, inspiration, transformation, and connection with Divine Truth. Where the universal soul and the individual soul perfectly align, and Divine Light shines and radiates at its highest frequency.

I am less fearful now of many things. Most of all, myself. So this year I am fully welcoming all favorable junctures of circumstance for being and celebrating my divine Self, and I will cultivate a keen awareness for these circumstances. 

Welcome 2014!