Friday, December 2, 2016


Satya is truth. Satya is the all that is. It is pure being-ness. Pure presence. The word sat means to be. All is supported or rather suspended by satya. It is the silk thread that connects beginning, middle,
end; and beyond.

Truth exists underneath all untruths, and truth will always find a way to expose itself, because truth is an enduring presence. It is patient potential willing and able to be realized at just the right moment.

To be realized. To be real. The real deal.

How do I know what is true or untrue? 

For me, it's a knowing. Pleasant or unpleasant, easy or difficult, beautiful or grotesque, when aligned with truth, it resonates. It's a definite "yes!". I can feel or sense a strong vibration, a resonance. Sometimes I get a strong sensation or tingling in my arms.  When I scan for truth, my vibration meets another vibration (or vice versa), I feel for something, a connection to the other and I either get dissonance or resonance. If its dissonance, it goes like this: my first response is "this doesn't quite feel right. Something is off. This is not resonating with me." The situation or person feels sticky and complicated to the point where my mind starts to rationalize and try to make sense of it, to no avail. I grow weary and tired, the truth in my heart says, move on. However, there are situations that ask us to be rational, think it through, and draw a conclusion based on facts and analysis.
There's real solid truth in that too.

If I get dissonance or resonance, it does not mean that the person, thing or situation in not true or unreal, its just not true for me.

Satya is understood through relationship.

Within the context of the yamas (yoga ethics in relation to other) satya being one of the five; satya is specifically presented as a guideline or one way in which to deal with our human nature. To know and live satya, is to clearly understand ones relationship with the world, people, things, and experiences.

In the yoga sutras (2.36), Patanjali says if we are dedicated to a life of truth and integrity in action, speech and thought, our dreams and willfulness become manifest reality.

Aligning with truth, is to connect up with potentiality, infinite possibility. All that exists now, once existed as latent potential. All that has yet to manifest is perhaps suspended in space, as a hovering presence, waiting to resonate with someone or something, to be realized. To be constructed into reality.

Truth is an enduring presence.
Truth will always find a way.

To be continued....