Monday, December 17, 2018

Cherry Blossoms Don't Hustle

Just in one week the cherry blossoms have displayed their brightest magnificence.
How fast things happen.
Vibrant white to wilted brown,
only to turn into something again
something just as magnificent, maybe more.

How fast clear blue sky
goes from wispy little clouds to thunderheads, to rain.
to be renewed again,
back to blue.

Decisions ask for this too.
to be in time, within the moment.
within the flow of things.

Its as if the cherry blossoms say,
Yes! This moment we open.
And the clouds even in their fogginess say a long,
Yeeesss! Now lets move in.

And the wind comes, stirs things up,
only to be settled and sorted so divinely.

This is the flow of life.
No hustling.

The cherry blossoms did not hustled to open.
The clouds did not hustle.

There are times when hustling is a must.
when you are close to your dream and you actually need to move parts around to make a whole. It takes effort. Perhaps more effort then it takes for sap in the cherry tree to rise and push open the blossoms. More effort then the clouds that push through the air to create wind and rain.

More effort then ever before. Because its new territory. and the pushign and the pulling; the hustling is the clearing.

A time comes when hustling is no longer necessary,
and that time is most of the time.