Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yoga As Prayer

When I feel helpless and hopeless with the state of world, things that are outside of my control, at least I have yoga to come to. As a place of refuge, of solace, a place where I can connect with source. Not as a selfish act. But as a way to re-align with my highest and best self, so that I can go out into the world and spread that best part of myself around. I know it might seem lofty, idealistic or insignificant, but its what I know, and its what I know I can do. It keeps me awake and vital. It keeps me keeping on when the going gets tough and when its fully blissful. 

My yoga practice, personally and collectively, is far from insignificant. It is a powerful force of healing. Yoga has the capacity to cross political, religious, gender, and cultural boundaries. Yoga asks us to unite in body, breath and soul. As one human race.

Yoga is a universal practice. Millions and millions of people all over the world are doing it. It is no mistake that this is happening on the planet at this time. Because we all so desperately need a way to connect that is not bound by confines of religion or other dogma. We all desperately need a way to heal. We all desperately need a tribe that embraces one another as a human being, because we have all been abandoned in some way. 

I see yoga as a form of prayer (call it intention, sankalpa, dedication
if you will). But please know that, yoga is not a religion, but it can be spiritual. We all pray in some form or another. Prayer is a way we interact with the Divine. It comes from the heart as a longing for what is truly needed, or a longing to connect with something greater. It is a declaration to the universe. Or a spontaneous blissful moment that is truly acknowledged. Prayer has the power to heal. Our thoughts travel the speed of light and perhaps even ride on a wave of light. This is real.

Lets pray together. For each other. For humanity. Right now.

P.S. These photos are Robert Sturman's work. I love his photography. He really captures the beauty of yoga as a universal, cross-cultural practice.