Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Let Your Heart Be Known"

To live from the heart. Its a concept that is difficult to grasp and find words for. Believe me, I am no expert on this subject; I'm just beginning to understand it. But when we are there, we know it to be so true, so aligned with something powerful beyond our reasoning mind. I think, living from the heart suggests acting from a place of love, gratitude, respect, truth, and certainty. All virtues that don't always come easy. One yoga practice that encompasses it all is Bhakti. Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, of service to something greater than our physical self. It is a practice of ultimate service to the divine.

Being in service is an act of love. We are truly in service when we act consciously, with the intention to provide a pathway or opening for truth to be expressed. Bhakti, service to divine, does not know expectation or obligation, its a practice that comes when love is embodied and there is a sense that that love is a part of a whole and longs for connection to it.

When we can be in service to our highest potential, so many possibilities open up. Being in service to our own potential is enough, because once we choose to do so, we have given ourself permission to journey to an unknown place of possibility. We begin to break off the restrictive armor, and trust that what is held inside needs to, and will, find its way out and be offered to others. Being in service to our hearts' deepest desire, is ultimately being in service to everyone; we offer our True self, our Dharma, in pure authenticity.
And this is the greatest gift of all!

This month is dedicated to love. In class, we will be literally lifting our hearts up as an offering to its own potential, dissolving constrictive boundaries we have placed around the heart field, creating lots of space for the flow of love.

Even if you choose to look the other way on February 14, do so as an opportunity to express real devotional love to yourself. Stand up for what it means to you. Hold your heart and all its contents up to the world. Others will feel it and will be inspired to do the same.