Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is Time Stretching Itself

Summer is time stretching itself to its outer limits, and with time there is space, it takes time to create space. Time and space weave together like a river bank holds the river, continuously flowing fast or slow, carving, eroding, shifting and stabilizing. One cannot exist without the other. Our body is like this. Bones stabilizing the flow of prana as it moves through each muscle as it contracts and releases, through every artery and vein, through each nerve ending. Be like the river and let it flow.

This is not a time for contraction or making ourselves small. This is a time for peeling ourselves open and rising up to our greatest self, to align with the light of the sun and the divine light within. It takes time to open. We can cultivate patience in the space in between each layer as it dissolves during the potency of our practice, during each release of the breath. Effort can be shifted from the ambitious mind to the softening of muscles unnecessarily gripping and holding. Let go of that which is holding you back and the river will carry you to the space where you belong.

Truth lives in the heart and truth wants to be known. It will seek a way out and seek its way in, filling space. The spine being the bed of this truth, kundalini moves through like the river. With backbends we  gently remove the dams, and the debris, the stagnation, to create continual circulation of prana-shakti. We stretch up, forward and back, side to side letting it in and out like the pulse of a bubbling river. Aligning with it, flowing with it. And thus, riding the rhythm of time and filling the space with the truth of who we are.