Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life Force

Prana is the all pervading life force energy.
Without prana there is no life.
When we breathe, prana flows.
When we practice yoga, prana flows.

In yoga we are clearing the pathways of blocks, stagnation, tightness, stress, so that prana can flow and the various forms of prana can work optimally in keeping the body well. Ultimately, yoga becomes a practice of increasing flow of prana and learning to contain it within the body. According to T.K.V. Desikachar, one definition of the word "yogi" is, "one whose prana is all within."

Prana Vayu the upward moving force. associated with chest, lungs, heart; and is responsible for circulation of breath.

Apana Vayu downward moving force. associated with pelvic region, kidneys, excretory organs. is responsible for elimination of waste.

Samana Vayu lateral , contractive moving force. associated with center of body, the core, stomach, liver, pancreas; responsible for digestion.

Vyana Vayu the all pervasive expansive force. associated with entire body, all cells, and is the reserve force. Responsible for storing prana in body.

Udana Vayu the circulatory force. associated with legs, arms, neck and head. responsible for speech and action of arms and legs.

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